In Italiano

She stole my heart from the start… Lori’s a vivacious young woman, full of character, and sharp personal style, all packaged up within a sparkling personality.

But…before anything else, let’s see a first look…because when we’re choosing our wedding gowns, who doesn’t want the love of their life to respond just…like…this.

She came to me wanting something classic but youthful. Glamorous but fun. Trendy, but timeless. I love a challenge, and she handed me one with a mega-watt smile.

Every time we’ve chatted since then, she refers to herself as my favorite client (possibly true!) and has never stopped telling me how much she loves her gown. Me too, girl!

Talking both about her personality and her singular gown…the photos say it all…

For Lori, we chose a classic fit and flare shape to show off her curves but we added youthful energy with double straps, an interesting neckline, and that slit, front and center.

The dress was made in a wonderful heavy matte crepe, off-white, and luxurious without being shiny. Double lined to make sure the white was consistent and nothing showed through. The seams are subtle but helped to give her a snatched hourglass shape and refined details.

It all came together with style and attitude, thanks also to her very cool styling choices. Lori wore glamorous waves in her hair, paired with classic makeup and very modern and touchable fringe earrings for texture. Nude single strap heeled sandals gave her legs that went on and on. Well done!

What she and her groom share is something special but I admit, I fell in love with Lori (and her dress) too!

See the magic in motion...

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Lori + Chris