In Italiano

You’re totally organized right? I mean, especially for your wedding you’re CRAZY organized right? Well, not like Cristina was! Cristina presented me with a 16 page presentation, most of which focused on her gown…that included graphs.

Graphs, guys, graphs.

The fact that she loved and still loves her gown is one of the greatest validations I’ll ever get professionally. Yeah, yeah, I’ve dressed celebrities, I’ve sent gowns down virtually every important red-carpet there is but all that pales, ever so slightly, compared to meeting Cristina’s expectations.

If you don’t believe me when I say that it’s that validating, I remind you, graphs.

Cristina’s dress features a modest (but still deep) V neck, with straps cut wide to open her chest and give her a more hourglass look. The silhouette is a fluid fit & flare with a long and heavy train that gives a stunning “wow” effect.

Those graphs? They helped me understand that Cristina is a woman who not only knows exactly what she wants… and what she wanted was a mix of classic, sensual, with a touch of modern sex appeal.

The Details

Why settle for one lace when you can have two?

We combined a luxurious crepe fabric with two types of ultra delicate French Chantilly lace to give her a modern look with very romantic details. One of my favorite features of this dress can be found on the stunning back.

A modern marriage

The open back, a deep V down to the waist, was constructed primarily of chantilly lace but we floated graphic straps over the lace, instantly marrying the two concepts in a glance.

Lace & rock & roll

Another favorite detail; the cut outs at the hip, which we lovingly filled in with Chantilly lace over tulle, giving her that little bit of rock & roll that she was looking for, softened by the oh-so-delicate French lace.

Legs for days

In case you missed it, there’s also a center front slit that hides when she’s standing still and opens dramatically as she moves, giving welcomed glances at her lovely legs and shoes (yay!)

Happily ever after…

Pulling it all together

This wedding is a perfect example of how *very* important it is to choose or better still, design a dress that connects with your wedding. Decor, location, vibe…they are all important factors to your comfort and satisfaction on your big day.

Cristina’s wedding, like her dress, married multiple settings and vibes. The very graphic, with the very natural. A forest and an industrial building. Fresh and yet classic. A dress can be beautiful in the bridal salon and yet, in the setting of your wedding, it can feel wrong if the concepts weren’t married in the first place.

With that, I leave you to enjoy the rest of the beautiful photos and with the best wishes that you, like Cristina and her groom, live happily ever after.

Thank you!