Close up image of the bodice of a intricately beaded wedding dress by luxury wedding dress designer Angelina Haole Verona Italy

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About Angelina

California Girl

Angelina was born and raised in California's San Francisco Bay area. Sunshine, sea and Silicon Valley meet hollywood glamour to create a distinctly Californian vibe.

Red Carpet Queen

Angelina's gowns have walked down many Hollywood and New York red carpets, such as the MTV music awards, Grammy’s, Tony Awards, American Music Awards, and Golden Globes.

Angelina and her work have been on national TV from time to time and she also partnered with Rolling Stone magazine in creating the wardrobe for their A-list San Francisco Super Bowl bash.

Couture designer Angelina Haole dressed in a black mini dress walking towards the left and looking left at the viewer through a veil of branches and vibrantly colored hanging flower decorations in Ravello at an event planned by Barbara Babcock photo by Italian luxury wedding photographer Francesco Bognin.


From tech royalty to sports royalty, Angelina has dressed the Bay Area's best. Clients include many of the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and many more.

Tech royalty from Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Ebay and all your tech favorites make up a large part of Angelina's most loyal, exciting and creative clients.

The Good Life

A few years ago, Angelina met her now husband, Francesco, who swept off her feet and into a beautiful life in Verona.

Francesco is from Verona and for seven years has worked as an acclaimed and sought after wedding photographer throughout Italy and abroad.



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Couture designer Angelina Haole dressed in a black mini dress walking towards the left and looking left at the viewer through a veil of branches and vibrantly colored hanging flower decorations in Ravello at an event planned by Barbara Babcock photo by Italian luxury wedding photographer Francesco Bognin.

The Process

Prosecco first

The first step always includes the time to share a Prosecco and get to know each other. We'll talk about the details and vibe of your wedding, your budget, and most importantly, we'll explore your vision of how you want to feel that day.

We'll chat about your dreams for your dress, your ideas, preferences, needs, fears, likes, dislikes, and be transformed in the next step into a selection of gowns designed by hand, just for you.

Choose your design

The next step sees all your wishes meet design features that are right for you, your body, and your wedding. The result is a series of inspired-by-you designs that explore options and variations for you to choose from.

During your second appointment we'll review your designs and together, we'll choose which perfect gown we'll bring to life. Once we've selected your gown, we'll take a full set of measurements and begin crafting your dream dress.

An off white wedding dress made in silks and organza and delicately embroidered hangs from the door of a green armoire hand painted with pink flowers

Fit to deliver

Once our team has drafted your pattern, we'll prepare a sample for you to try on, helping us perfect the cut before moving forward and giving us an opportunity to make adjustments.

Your dress is perfected fitting by fitting until it is delivered to you, perfect in every way.

Black and white image of a smiling bride standing to the left in her wedding dress and holding a bouquet and standing with her bridesmaid in from of a door flanked in green.

Five Steps

to the dress of your dreams

0 Send a message, an email, or give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation, in person or online.
0 The fun begins! Explore your hopes, dreams, inspirations, favorite features and even insecurities with Angelina.
0 Meet again with Angelina to see the sketches of dresses designed exclusively for you, and fall in love with the sketch that will become your fully custom dream dress.
0 The realisation of your dress begins with detailed measurements and details related to lengths, depth of necklines, and all the little things that make a big difference.
0 Fit your dress, and repeat the process until perfection, with the opportunity to adjust and add your input along the way.

Questions & Answers

Where will my appointments be held?

Your first appointment will be a casual appointment, preferably at a local bar with good wine.

From your second appointment on, your fittings will be held either in our Verona location on Via Sotto Riva, or in the privacy and convenience of your home or office.

Do you only make wedding dresses?

We specialize in fabulous gowns for any occaision. Red carpet events, social events and of course weddings!

It's our pleasure to create not just your perfect wedding gown but also perhaps the perfect look for the mother of the bride and groom as well as other important guests.

How much and when do I pay for my dress?

Your dress is designed around you and your budget from the very beginning of the process. Your budget will determine the fabrics that we can use and the level of complexity and time that we can invest in your dress. It's up to you but we'll guide you along the way.

Once you've selected a design and your measurements have been taken, you will make a 50% deposit on your gown with the final payment due on or before the delivery of your dress.

Do I have to know what I want or choose fabrics?

You will be able to have as much input as you want but it's Angelina's job to design for you and choose the right fabrics to achieve the best results for you.

If you have photos, sketches, ideas or a mood board to share, that's great but absolutely not necessary.

Your job is to feel great on your big day. Our job is to design and create the gown that fits you perfectly in every way.

How much time will it take?

More time is always better, so reach out as soon as you can to start the creative process. More time means more time to design, choose every perfect element, and enjoy the process!

In the case that you have a rush need, we will always do our best to accommodate you. Get in touch to tell us what you need by when and we'll do our best to say yes!

Red Carpet Worthy

An invitation to the Queens

Get in touch for answers to any questions and to schedule a complimentary, and always fun, consultation. Meet Angelina and chat in that very special wedding-day-way about you, your dream dress, and your big day. Always without obligation, of course!

Sposa in abito da sposa senza schienale rivolto verso lo spettatore alzando la mano al mento su uno sfondo di fiori a Vicenza Italia Abito di Angelina Haole Verona